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Our platform aims to bring a change in the current KYC process and make it extremely secure and consent-driven by enabling users with a Universal Digital Identity. Zoop.One powers the futuristic business on-boarding process, enabling Identity, merchant, financial and asset verification very unconventionally. We are working towards building one digital identity for all, ever accessible, ever helpful.

What we preach and practice

We Believe Diversity and Inclusivity to be our core Principles for driving the work Force.

Our Strength is our cultural Diversity we nurture Different opinions and take into consideration varied perspectives coming from a diverse background of our people.

Productivity is our top priority followed by Continuous Team outing Crazy Parties we Live at work.

Our Values that we Abide By: They Showcase Our Culture and we always tend to assimilate them in everything we do.

Water Transparency

From company policies to our annual revenue report we tend to be transparent at every aspect of work.

Own it to hone it

When we own something we know we are accountable for owning its outcome for the organization too. Our team members are empowered to decide on there own and take full liberty to try out new things and challenge the status quo.

Own the Team

Own the Product

Own the Success 

Own The Failures

Also, Own the shares!  Check out Benefits section to know more About our Equity Packages

Fail and Nail

Don't shy away from asking for help, be curious to show the zeal to outgrow your shortcomings, and win at work.

Collaborate like Bees

We always aspired to be a Fantastic group of people working together to accomplish a goal hence we have a knack of looking beyond Curriculum Vitae resulting in Our unbiased way of hiring.

Our Triumph is a collective sum of our team members' intelligence attitude and efforts.

Our culture that defines us

1. People first approach

Our introductory chats are amazingly candid. We love meeting people who are confident about their individuality and authenticity works wonders. We value persona over skills and talent any day.

2. Your Comfort is Our Priority

Our first order of business is to make you comfortable. Let you find your sweet spot and golden hours. Let your rock when you want to rock. You can take the day off if you feel grumpy. 

3. Extra freedom to grow, extra room to know

Work is fun when there is learning required, everyone has extra room to wise up on things that matter to you. You are free to eat your mentor’s brains. You can seriously geek everyone out. 

4. Find your best interests and nail it

Come for a role in marketing and make a career in tech. There’s no lockdown, at Zoop you are free to explore your interests, inclinations, and passion. We love people who can wear many hats.


Our Biggest Investment Is Our People, that is why we take immense Pride calling our HR Team Humans Assets Department as resources is to exhaust we believe in nurturing and constant development.

Blessings in disguise


Learning Stipends to help nurture. Fitness Subscriptions to keep you electric. Entertainment Subscriptions to Keep you grooving. Conferences to keep you improvised on your skills and travel options to take you to places,


Ownership being our core value, we believe in you own the right to our success too. Equity options provide you a fair share fueled by your contributions, ready to utilise in the nearest future.


Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for. Zoopoids love to take time off from work be it our annual outings covering the beaches and the mountains or Developers time off, we do it all!

Health care Benefits

Such is the time in which it has become imperative to realize the importance of our health and the cost it comes with. We take care of your health care needs through our premium insurance policies.


Current Openings


Full-Stack Developer

Key Account Manager

SDE II(Node.Js/Golang)

Cloud Architect

Technical Support Engineer
QA Engineer

Enterprise Sales Manager
Word Press Intern

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